Here is Why the Best International School in Jakarta for your Children, Global Sevilla

Here is Why the Best International School in Jakarta for your Children, Global Sevilla

Registering your children to a school requires extra consideration. All parents give their children the best education. An International School is the best option for you looking for a school that has good academics and is good for child development. Global Sevilla is a school in Jakarta that has those. Here is why you should register your children there.

6 Reasons Why Global Sevilla is an Outstanding Learning Environment

1. Balanced and Thorough Education

First, this school in Jakarta offers a balanced and comprehensive education. It means that students are not only expected to be top achievers but also expected to evolve socially and emotionally. Good students are supposed to be happy because, with happiness, they can achieve more easily.

2. Character Building Focus

Secondly, this international school focuses on building character which is rarely used by most schools in the world. Most schools only believe in making their students have good academics, but Global Sevilla is different. This International School in Jakarta believes that character building is as important as academics. It pushes students to understand their positive traits.

3. Mindful-Based Approach

Next, This school focuses on a mindful-based approach. This approach is about focusing on students’ well-being which is very crucial. This practice is meant to reduce students’ stress and anxiety and it is proven to be successful. Mindfulness supports students to develop and improve their behavioral and academic outcomes within a comfortable environment.

4. The School’s Facilities

Learning activities need facilities to develop their potential. Global Sevilla ensures that its students are supported with facilities in their daily learning activities. That is why various facilities are provided on each campus. So, students can find many different laboratories easily, from art to science. Not only that, but this school also provides outdoor and indoor facilities.

5. Prioritize Students’ Safety

Global Sevilla pledge focuses on the student’s safety. They have the right to receive an excellent education. Besides, they are free individuals who have the right to decide their path in life. To make the place safe, this school has a peace zone with zero tolerance for any kind of abuse, such as physical abuse, emotional abuse, smoking, verbal abuse, and alcohol.

6. The Three Most Important Values

In its daily activities, Global Sevilla implements the three important values that have already become the soul of the community. These values are giving, compassion and self-control. In giving, students generate happiness for themselves and others. In compassion, students learn that all humans are important. In self-control, students use their logic and wits.

7. Various Extracurricular Options for Students

This outstanding school also offers many extracurricular programs so students can choose one that matches their interests. These programs are Drama Club, Science Club, Sports, Photography, Art, Entrepreneurship Club, and so on. The charge, program conducted by teachers is free. While for programs managed by external providers, there is an additional charge.

Those are the reasons why Global Sevilla is a suitable International School in Jakarta for your children. This is because this school offers many positive things for children, such as values, facilities, approaches, facilitates, and so on. These things are important for children’s academics and character development.

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